12 June 2019

Large Ball Skills - Football

We had lots of fun - and learnt some new football skills - with Mrs Atkins this afternoon!

Photographer:  Rhianna

11 June 2019


We've been working away on a wee project over the last couple of weeks - we've been building rockets!  There was a lot of talk leading up to the Big Day:
- did it matter if you had three or four fins?
- what if your fins were 'bung'?
- would it be a disadvantage to have a longer rocket?  shorter?
- would the air pressure be less in a longer rocket?
- how big should the cone be?  
- what if your cone was 'bung'?
- would the angle of release make a difference to how far your rocket would fly?

We had a lot of questions that needed answering!  Everyone decorated their rockets in an ultra cool way, and proudly named their rockets.  Then it was finally time to find out who was the ultimate rocket builder - congratulations to Ashlee H (first), George (second) and Elysia (third).  The rockets that these students made flew well over 30m - AWESOME!

06 June 2019

Gender Stereotyping (Sexuality Education)

We had a really important discussion about stereotypes in SE today.  We talked about how we are constantly surrounded by images and advertising and movies and music - and how a lot of what we see reinforces unrealistic stereotypes of what we should be.  After a great discussion, we came up with some helpful information that we've turned into a video.  Check it out:

Mu Torere - The Ultimate Champion... Rhianna!

Crazy Day & Burger Day

The Year 8 students from Matai did an awesome job of organising our day today!  We had a parade so everyone could show off their crazy costumes (well done to the best dressed from our class, George and Rebekah).  We had yummy chicken burgers (with really fancy patties) for lunch too.  What a cool day!

05 June 2019

Tech Challenge - Build A Rocket!

Over the past two days, we've been working on building rockets!  In this technology challenge, we were given the usual random pile of equipment (polystyrene cups, straws, newspaper and sellotape), and asked to construct a rocket!  The criteria?
- must be more than 1m tall
- must be freestanding (you can pick it up and move it around)
- must have a seat for the pilot (Marge)
- must be well constructed and look good!

Our team work skills were put to the test as we raced to build our rockets.  In the end, all six teams were able to construct a successful rocket, and they (nearly) all looked really good!  Well done Room 8.

Large Ball Skills - Rippa

We have moved onto our next focus in PE - LARGE BALL SKILLS!  We will have the chance to improve our skills in rippa rugby, netball, football and basketball over the next few weeks.  It should be awesome!  

It was a bit wet for rippa today, but we had heaps of fun sliding around in the mud, getting some great rips, and scoring some even greater tries.

31 May 2019

Tech - Week 5

Thank you so much to Mrs Lintott for coming along and teaching us to decorate our cupcakes in an ultra-fancy way!

22 May 2019

Te Tikanga (Tokorangi) Marae Trip

We spent an awesome day at the marae today!  We had a chance to learn loads of new things, and have a go at lots of different activities.  We learnt new skills in haka and poi, had fun playing rakau games, did some sketching and had all kinds of fun.

Thank you so much to the Hallett whanau for allowing us to spend time on your marae, and for teaching us so much.

Thank you to Mr Oak who took the awesome photos!



Hollie, Amelia, Sophie and Brileigh had an awesome day out at the National Young Leaders Day in Palmerston North yesterday.  Listen out in assembly next week, for some of the things they learnt about how to be a great leader!

20 May 2019

Special Visitor

Today we had a visit from Professor Williams from Massey University.  He came along to share his knowledge of the universe to help us with our learning about What's Out There?

Here are some of the things we learnt:

  • when stars collapse, they turn into black holes - Dylan J
  • scientists have discovered 4000 other planets (so far) that orbit other stars in the universe - Ashlee E
  • all living things on Earth need water - Mitchell
  • there is an eight minute delay in what we see when we look at the sun - it takes eight minutes for the light to reach Earth - Briar
  • dying stars can make a pulse that can be detected by radios on Earth - Dylan P
  • during a Transit of Venus, you can see the shadow of Venus as it passes across the sun - Lila
  • light travels at a set speed, no matter where you are in the universe - Rhianna
  • you can shift objects with light - which is what scientists are doing to help explore the universe - Ryan
  • the Earth is definitely NOT flat - everyone!

16 May 2019

Mu Torere Championships 2019

Congratulations to Rhianna for winning the Mu Torere Tournament!

People Savers First Aid Course

Today we learnt how to save a life!  Thank you so much to Shelly from the Red Cross who taught us so many first aid skills - everything from how to deal with someone in shock, to what to do if someone is poisoned to how to bandage a wound.  We learnt heaps and even though we'll hopefully never have to use these skills, at least we're a bit more prepared if we do!

11 May 2019

Tech 2019

We were very excited to start our Tech programme last week.  Our activities are CO2 Cars, Robotics, Food Tech (cooking) and Hard Materials (woodwork) - we have five weeks of each.  So cool!  We are looking forward to learning loads of new skills, and making some awesome stuff!

02 May 2019

The Cup Tower Challenge

While the actual reason we completed this challenge was to test our ability to be a great team member, you might be interested to know how your team stacked up (!) against the others in terms of your Cup Tower.  Well done to the two teams who made a ten-high stack - you win!

18 April 2019

Reading Reading Reading

Each group has now finished their second novel for the term, though lots of people have read lots more books in their own time.  We had to push ourselves to get a lot of reading done in the last couple of weeks, but we did it.  Our final discussions and debates focused on the following questions:

  • who was your favourite character and why?
  • name a part of the story where you were like, "Whoa!"
  • if there was another chapter, what might happen next?

We also shared our opinions and ratings for each book.

11 April 2019

Wheels Day & Sausage Sizzle

Well done to the Y8 students from Rimu who organised a great day today.  We had loads of fun zooming around the school, and racing our mates.  The sausage sizzle at lunchtime was pretty good too!