19 February 2019

Dry Weather

We had the drone flying around the school today - it sure is dry at the moment.  We need some rain!

Yummy Yum Yum!

14 February 2019


To see where you need to improve your diving, watch the video and replay the part where you're in action.  What do you need to improve?

13 February 2019

Kawhatau Camp

We have just spent a fabulous three days at the Kawhatau Outdoor Education Centre, which is inland from Mangaweka.  We did loads and loads of fun and exciting activities, which all helped to establish our class culture and allowed us to learn more about each other.  The weather was fantastic, and we certainly enjoyed the chance to swim the river!  You can read more about our favourite camp moments below.

Thank you to the parents who came along to help - you were awesome!

Here are our favourite moments from camp:

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08 February 2019

Fun Day Friday - Week 2

Today it was time to really test ourselves - could we catch the ball?

05 February 2019

Totara Reserve Trip

What a cool day we had at Totara Reserve in the Pohangina Valley today!  We joined in some fun games with our buddy class - relays and playing on the playground and a bush walk and playing with the parachute and even a scavenger hunt!  It was very hot, so we were all looking forward to a swim in the mighty Pohangina River after lunch.  And it was worth the wait - it was 100% awesome!

Thank you so much to all those parents who came along - we hope you had a great day too!

02 February 2019

Fun Day Friday

Our awesome swimming tradition of 'Fun Day Fridays' continues!  After swimming lots and lots and lots of lengths during our daily swimming lessons during the week, we were able to enjoy some crazy-fun activities on Friday.  This included Human Towers - well done to Rebekah, Rhianna and Abbie for being the first (and only) group to successfully make a triple tower.  Also, the Human Cannonball was back in action!

Buddy Class

We are very lucky to have Room 4 as our buddy class this year - we think they are a cool group of kids!  On Friday, we joined them for swimming.  After introducing ourselves, the Room 4 kids showed off their swimming skills, and then we made a massive whirlpool!  Fun times!

31 January 2019

Cup Lifting Game

In today's Team Challenge, we had to work together to 'lift' cups off the ground and stack them into a pyramid formation.  We rigged up a rubber band and string device that we had to control.  Once everyone got the hang of it, most teams did really well!

30 January 2019

Crazy Water Fun

Today we competed in our first team challenge of the year - there will be LOTS more to come!  The aim of the game was to 'pass' water from person to person.  Easy peasy!

Constable Cree

Today we had a special visit from Constable Cree, from the Feilding Police.  She talked to us about keeping ourselves safe online, and reminded us about important rules we need to follow.  These included:

  • tell an adult if something online makes us uncomfortable or scared.
  • never give out personal information eg. address or phone number.
  • remember that people who are online might not be who they say they are.
  • be nice to others online.
  • never share passwords.
  • don't open emails or messages from people you don't know.

After this, Constable Cree also met with our new bus monitors.  She talked to them about what to do in an emergency, and how to keep all the kids on the bus as safe as possible.

Thanks Constable Cree!

22 January 2019

Welcome Back!

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Kia ora and welcome to the 2019 school year!  She's gonna be a goodie!  Here are a couple of important reminders to help you ace the first couple of weeks of the school year:
  • bring your togs and towel every day - make sure they are named
  • make sure you've got your hat organised
  • make sure you have some roll-on deodorant in your bag
  • have a good breakfast each day
  • come to school with a great attitude and get ready to work hard, and have fun!

09 December 2018

Fun Day Friday

Wow!  Fun Day Friday was AWESOME!  Thank you to all the students in Room 8 who helped to set up the massive obstacle course, and for being such wonderful leaders and role models for the other students in your house.  Well done team!  Thanks to Mr Blanchard for taking more fantastic photos too!

04 December 2018

30 November 2018

Touch Photos

Mr Blanchard took a few photos at touch last night - thanks Mr Blanchard!


18 November 2018

Nydia Bay Camp

WOW!  What a week we had!  There are way too many highlights to list, and we consider ourselves very lucky to have been able to experience such an awesome part of our country.  Thank you to the fantastic parents who spent the week with us - we hope you had loads of fun.  We know we're going to remember our trip to Nydia Bay for many years to come.

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27 October 2018

Cross Country

Congratulations to all of you for putting in 100% effort in the cross country.  It was awesome to watch you all striving to achieve your goals  Well done Room 8 - you did good.  If you'd like to have a squiz at Mr Blanchard's amazing photos, please click the link below.

Mr Blanchard's Photos - CLICK HERE

24 October 2018

Interschool Speech Competition

Congratulations to Cameron and Briar who represented our school VERY well at the Interschool Speech Competition.  As usual, the competition was red-hot, and the standard very high.  A special congratulations to Briar, who won the Y7 competition!  

Helicopter Ride

We had a special visit from the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter this morning - in fact, Tommy and Holly were given a ride to school!  This was part of the prize they won earlier in the year, at the Manawatu Turbos launch event.  How cool is that?  Thank you to the Manawatu Turbos for organising this prize, and to the crew of the helicopter for giving Tommy and Holly a ride!

19 October 2018

Shakeout Drill 2018

We had an earthquake drill this morning, as part of a nation-wide 'shakeout'.  This means that thousands of people all around our country were dropping, covering and holding at the same time!  We know exactly what to do in an earthquake - let's hope we remember what to do when it really counts.